Lighthouse Update #05


This update was in tweet-form. We adopted this format to reach a wider audience.

For archive purposes we document the tweet here, however we recommend reading it on Twitter or for the best experience.

Archived Tweet

Tweet 1

This #Lighthouse update will be in tweet-storm form! 🌩ī¸ This is an experiment in gaining more input from the community. If it's easier for y'all to comment, maybe we'll hear more from you!

FYI, Lighthouse is a security-first Ethereum 2.0: Serenity client in @rustlang!

Tweet 2

Sigma Prime is still in the process of hiring a new Rust developer đŸĻ€. We've had some great applicants but we'd love to see some more. If you want to build and contribute to the security of Ethereum, you should apply here.

Tweet 3

Lighthouse is seeing some repeat contributors from the community, which is really exciting. Our SSZ Tree Hash implementation is underway by @mjkeating and @g-r-a-n-t has been adding tests. These contributions are hugely appreciated, thank you ❤ī¸

Tweet 4

We're excited to see some Rust-newbies contributing to the code base. To me this means that we've created an an approachable project and we're helping contributors learn as they help us. I hope this is the case! 🤞

Tweet 5

At the last @SydEthereum meetup đŸ‡ĻđŸ‡ē, I presented about #Lighthouse and the challenges for businesses producing open-source public goods. Their support was overwhelming and I'm keen to be more open about the challenges.

Tweet 6

I see two themes for funding open-source:

  1. A commercial offering "around" the product. E.g. consultancy, "wrapper" products.
  2. Donations from profitable stakeholders. E.g. grants, in-protocol DAOs.

Both need profitable companies and (1) keeps profits closer to devs.

Tweet 7

The ETH 2.0 spec has changed significantly in the past weeks which has antiquated some of our more complex functions (block validation, etc) which is painful. However, I support the updates so it's a long-term gain 👍 Hopefully all involved can learn from this.

Tweet 8

The recent changes in the ETH 2.0 spec have made us reconsider how we go about building the client. We're planning to switch to some of the more static components (e.g., libp2p, RPC interfaces, helper functions, etc) until there's a release candidate of the spec.

Tweet 9

ETH 2.0 clients seem keen to replace the present JSON RPC with a gRPC alternative. I support this, but I'd love to hear some thoughts from existing client devs. I haven't heard any strong negative arguments yet, I'd love to hear some for the sake of a balanced discussion. ⚖ī¸

Tweet 10

.@drakefjustin has reached out to the community for input regarding the economics of interest rates for validators. I think this is a great initiative and would love to see more discussion here. Get involved here.

Tweet 11

@jcksie has raised discussion about swapping the endianness used in the spec. @ethstatus are targeting low-resource devices which is a challenging and necessary endeavor. Swapping from big to little gets us closer to the hardware. Get involved here.

Tweet 12

That's all from me. I'll gauge how this new update format goes. If we get more input that from the blog posts, I'll stick with it and save the blog for large volume posts (and possible archiving these tweet storms) 👋🙏 Hit us up with any feedback!